I have had an idea for the past couple of years based on changing education for my children and those who think that it is possible to shift things enough culturally so that we can become great humans.  There are a few things that we have to work on before we even get to education so I’m going to address those things here.  The list Itself may or may not be linear but it will be something that I hope can spark discussion and allow me to learn from whoever it is that reads this.  I hope that I can at least open a door or two in myself and give myself the kick in the butt that I know that I need.

  1. Poverty and the idea that people from all areas can receive the same amount of attention.
  2. Preparation for creativity and thought versus the preparation for conformity and ignorance.
  3. The idea of purpose.  More specifically, the drive for greatness.
  4. How do children learn best? Why do we force them into one mode of learning versus learning how to take advantage of the myriad ways of learning possible?
  5. Why do we not emphasize love and compassion in schools so that children have a real stake in the success of one another? How would this affect all of the above issues down the line?

I’m actually a father of four who did poorly in school and has watched one daughter struggle yet graduate High School while another is just getting started.  I know what hasn’t worked for me personally as well as what didn’t work for my eldest but I am also very aware that the same schooling I participated in has been extremely successful for other friends of mine and with millions of other people.  My question is this:  Why is it that we have such a high rate of poverty and are such a split culture?  Why, in the year 2013, do we accept the status quo of cultural and gender differences, sexual preferences, religious intolerance, socio-economic and class struggles and other ills that a “civilized” world should have put behind them?

Education is much more important than a job that will pay you a salary for the rest of your life just so you can ignore the people in your neighborhood who could use a friendly neighbor.  What do we do locally that can affect change?  How can we teach our children to be exponentially better than we are?  I plan on addressing those 5 issues above as well as addressing some of these questions over the next 2 weeks.  I hope you’ll join along with me.


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